Cough, cough, wink, wink … Nearly half of Mississippi workers have faked illness to get out of work, survey reports

Published 1:59 pm Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Mississippi has the third highest rate in the country of employees calling in sick when they’re not actually sick, according to a recent survey of Americans.

In Mississippi, 41.8% of those surveyed admitted to do just that, according to, which surveyed 6,100 Americans to uncover the extent of dishonesty in the country.

From lying about your education to lying to your boss, here are the biggest workplace liars in the United States.

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Louisiana topped the list of liars, with 45.3% of workers admitting that they lied when they called in sick at work.

Oklahoma came in second place, with 43.8% of workers admitting workplace dishonesty.

Mississippi came in third at 41.8% of resident calling into work sick when they weren’t sick

Other highlights of the survey from include:

  • Nearly half (43.6%) of Mississippians lie about their salaries
  • Just under a third (32.7%) of Mississippians lie about their job/profession
  • Three in four Americans lie on their resume, and 86% would lie about their education at work
Top 10 states
Rank StateName Called in sick to work without actually being sick
#1 Louisiana 45.3%
#2 Oklahoma 43.8%
#3 Mississippi 41.8%
#4 Virginia 40.1%
#5 Montana 40.0%
#5 Maine 40.0%
#6 Delaware 38.9%
#7 Nevada 38.6%
#8 Tennessee 38.3%
#9 Kentucky 37.3%
#9 Ohio 37.3%
#10 Utah 36.7%


Lying in and out of workplace 

Home to the most liars, overall (including in and out of the workplace), is Rhode Island. Although the state is the smallest in the United States in terms of land area, covering just 1,214 square miles, it is the state with the most dishonest people. Four in 10 (40%) of respondents said they often lie, with a further 40% saying they sometimes lie, and 15% rarely lie. Just 5% of Rhode Islanders answered that they never lie.

In second place is Vermont, with over a third (36.36%) of respondents often telling lies. Vermont may be known for its picturesque landscapes, but there’s an ominous trend of lying among residents in the state as 54.55% also said they sometimes lie and 9.1% saying they rarely tell lies — this means the majority of people surveyed admitted to lying in some capacity.

Maine, the northeasternmost state in the US, is the third most dishonest area in America. Like Vermont, 100% of respondents said they lie, with 36% saying they’re often untruthful.

The Mountain State of West Virginia sits firmly in fourth place as 30.30% of those surveyed answered that they’re often found telling lies. However, the majority of people (54.55%) said they’re only sometimes untruthful.

Rounding out the top five most dishonest states is Kansas, another place where 100% of respondents confessed to lying. When breaking that down, we found that this was made up of 29.63% of people saying they lied often, 59.26% revealing they only sometimes lie, and 11.11% declaring they rarely lie.

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