Soon to be open Starbuck’s has Mississippi small town residents taking sides. A sign of good things to come or the beginning of the end?

Published 3:11 pm Tuesday, November 28, 2023

News about the opening of new Starbuck’s coffee shop in a small Mississippi town went viral after readers on social media argued about whether the national coffee franchise would be welcomed with open arms or be quickly shown the door.

When the Brookhaven Daily Leader posted an update about the upcoming coffee shop, reader quickly flooded Facebook with comments.

In less than 24 hours, more than 300 comments were left on the post, with many people quickly taking sides.

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“I can say with 100% certainty that I will never spend one dime at this establishment,” one reader commented.

Supporters of the already existing local coffee shops questioned whether Brookhaven needed another one.

Even still, many were looking forward to the new business.

“I can say with 100% certainty that I will spend quite a few dimes at this establishment.,” one reader said. “Y’all keep all the other coffee shops in business… I got the Starbucks. Cake pops, double smoked bacon, açaí refreshers, white chocolate mocha, frappes… Nobody cares if you will or won’t shop here.”

Still, others said they welcome all of the coffee brewing competition that Brookhaven could support.

“So glad to see Brookhaven getting new chain businesses!!” one person wrote. “As a hard-core coffee drinker not only do I wish ALL of them the best but I will support ALL of them, local and chain!”

Readers in neighboring McComb pointed to their Starbucks as one example of progress in their town.

“I came home tonight and passed by the mall in McComb and I was overjoyed with the amount of vehicles in the parking lot! I said I’m so proud of this town.” one reader wrote.”I would love even more for that same thing for the town I work in. The mall used to be dead and abandoned looking. Now it’s full of life. Across the street at Chick-fil-A customers in line and the same at Starbucks. Everyone has a place. If y’all don’t want to support I guarantee somebody else will.”


According to the Daily Leader story, construction continues at the new location in front of Paul Barnett Nissan at 879 Brookway Boulevard.

Work began in June with the demolition of Speedee Cash and the subsequent framing of the Starbucks.

Brookhaven Building Inspector David Fearn said he does not have an update on when the coffee shop will open. The exterior looks complete with glass, painted walls. All that is missing on the exterior is a sign out front and a paved parking lot and drive thru.