Evacuation order issued for Mississippi residents over possible levee failure

Published 1:11 pm Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Residents of one Mississippi community face evacuation due to concerns over a possible levee failure.

The Yazoo County Sheriff’s Office issued an evacuation order for residents of the Eastbrook subdivision on Highway 16 as a precautionary measure, urging them to leave their homes before any potential breach occurs.

According to county emergency officials, the levee’s condition has been closely observed. The Sheriff’s Office took to social media to inform residents, specifying that the evacuation was solely for the Eastbrook subdivision, east of Highway 49, and not related to the levee in Yazoo City along Highway 3.

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Yazoo County Emergency Management Director Jack Willingham highlighted the potential risks, noting that one downstream home could be in the path of floodwaters. Additionally, he mentioned approximately seven to eight houses on the opposite side of the road could face accessibility issues if the levee were to collapse.

Given the challenges residents might encounter in reaching or leaving their homes, Willingham emphasized the importance of evacuating for everyone’s safety. As authorities continue to monitor the situation, residents remain vigilant, prepared for any further developments regarding the levee’s stability.