Car reportedly worth $350,000 creates spectacle at weekend Mississippi car show. Only 25 made to honor 2024 solar eclipse.

Published 6:23 am Monday, April 22, 2024

One car, valued at more than $350,000, at a weekend Mississippi car show created a spectacle worthy of a solar eclipse.

Car enthusiasts at the Natchez Concours d’Elegance Car Show were treated to a dazzling display of automotive excellence. Among the array of luxurious vehicles gracing the event, one stood out as the undisputed star: the 2024 Rolls-Royce Ghost Ékleipsis.

Valued at over a third of a million dollars, the Ghost Ékleipsis captivated onlookers with its exclusive design and unparalleled features. This limited edition model, available only to Rolls-Royce’s most esteemed clientele, made its mark as the centerpiece of Saturday’s show on the picturesque Natchez Bluff.

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Despite a slight threat of late afternoon rain Saturday, the event proceeded seamlessly, drawing a small crowd of participants who marveled at the eclectic mix of classic European automobiles and cutting-edge creations like the Eclipse-inspired Rolls-Royce.

At the heart of the Ghost Ékleipsis’s allure is its distinctive Starlight headliner, adorned with hundreds of tiny lights that mimic the celestial beauty of the night sky. However, its innovative animation truly sets this model apart, which activates upon door closure and engine ignition. Depicting a mesmerizing eclipse sequence, the animation features 940 LED “stars” encircling the moon’s corona, accompanied by an additional 192 LEDs representing the sudden appearance of stars during a total eclipse.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Ghost Ékleipsis interior boasts exquisite dashboard artwork adorned with 1,846 laser-etched stars. A luxurious timepiece accented with a 0.5-carat diamond pays homage to the captivating “diamond ring” effect observed during solar eclipses.

Furthermore, the vehicle’s two-tone seats, adorned with over 200,000 perforations, exude opulence, with Mandarin accents adding a touch of sophistication to the black leather upholstery. Practical yet elegant features such as illuminated door sill plates and a concealed umbrella further enhance the Ghost Ékleipsis’s allure.

With all 25 available units already spoken for, Rolls-Royce enthusiasts have eagerly embraced this remarkable creation, eager to experience its unparalleled luxury and innovation. While the exact price remains undisclosed, it’s clear that the fortunate owners have spared no expense to acquire this automotive masterpiece, which undoubtedly exceeds the Ghost’s $351,000 starting price.

For those who missed the chance to witness this marvel firsthand, the Natchez Concours d’Elegance Car Show promises more unforgettable experiences in the future.