Pop music icon Katy Perry gains keys to $15 million mansion after lengthy legal battle with Mississippi native

Published 5:32 am Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Pop music star Katy Perry has won a long legal battle with a Mississippi native over possession of a $15 million home in California.

Perry acquired the property through her LLC, DDoveB, on May 17, according to property records obtained by the Wall Street Journal. It was a major development in a saga that has gone on for four years.

Carl Westcott, a native of Vicksburg and entrepreneur who has founded several successful companies, including 1-800-flowers, claimed he was under the influence of “several intoxicating pain-killing opiates” following a surgery when he signed a 2020 contract to sell the property to Perry and her husband, actor Orlando Bloom.

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Westcott purchased the property in May 2020 for $11.25 million. The 83-year-old suffers from Huntington’s disease. He now lives in Dallas.

Westcott tried to back out of the deal with Perry days after signing it and both parties sued each other. A judge ruled in Perry’s favor in December 2023 and upheld the sales contract. She filed the deed for the eight-bedroom, 9.285-square foot mansion with Santa Barbara County on May 17.

“Westcott presented no persuasive evidence that he lacked capacity to enter into a real estate contract,” the court’s decision read.

Nearly six months later, Perry is the official owner of the property although the court case is continuing.

According to the New York Post, court documents reveal Perry’s legal team is seeking compensation for lost rental value, deferred maintenance, repairs for water damage and a fallen tree. Perry is scheduled to testify in July in a second phase of the trial.

Though the home was originally on the market for $15 million, Perry only paid $9 million before the legal battle began. She will pay the balance once a court determines how much Westcott owes in damages.

Chart Westcott, Carl’s son, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, accused Perry of “Hollywood hypocrisy and fake empathy,” and labeled her pursuit of damages “heartless.”