Jim Cantore visit to Mississippi coast raises eyebrows – leads to apology from party host for creating ‘concern even panic’

Published 5:58 am Monday, June 3, 2024

A Mississippi man apologized to his neighbors on the Mississippi Gulf Coast after a social visit from The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore on the first day of Hurricane season caused panic and concern.

Josh Morgerman, a renowned storm chaser known worldwide as iCyclone, recently completed the construction of a house in Bay St. Louis.

To celebrate, Morgerman recently hosted a party at the house, which was built to withstand hurricane-level winds and rains.

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One of his guests was Jim Cantore, a meteorologist with The Weather Channel who is also known worldwide. Cantore has become a recognizable figure who regularly appears at the scene of incoming hurricanes and other severe weather events. His sightings have been known to raise eyebrows and concern. In 2011, The Weather Channel lampooned his reputation in a one-minute commercial spot where Cantore goes on a beach vacation, panicking nearby beachgoers and locals who take his presence as an ominous sign.

So when Cantore showed up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast on Saturday, many, including reporters from area news websites and television stations, began wondering and asking questions.

It turns out that Cantore and Morgerman have become good friends over the years. Cantore was only in Bay St. Louis to celebrate Morgerman’s new house.

After creating a brief panic on social media and the internet, Morgerman issued the following apology on Facebook:

“I sincerely apologize to my neighbors in Coastal Mississippi if any guests at my hurricane party on Saturday created undue concern or even panic. Jim Cantore’s visit was purely social in nature,” Morgerman wrote.