Study finds that Mississippi is No. 1 in the complaint department — here’s what they are frustrated about.

Published 6:46 am Monday, June 24, 2024

If you think everyone has a right to complain, then you might want to talk to someone from Mississippi.

A recent survey by Preply reveals that Mississippi residents are the biggest complainers in the United States. This study aimed to understand complaint patterns across the country, highlighting regional differences in how Americans express frustrations.

Mississippi emerged with the highest “complaints score” on a scale of 0 to 100, indicating that its residents frequently voice their grievances. Alabama, Nevada, and Georgia also ranked high, while Oregon, Connecticut, and Oregon were the least likely to complain.

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In 2024, the top complaints from Americans, especially Mississippians, include the cost of things, driving habits, and the quality of products and services. These issues resonate strongly in Mississippi, reflecting the state’s high propensity for complaining.

The survey also highlighted the social and psychological impacts of excessive complaining. One in three Americans have cut ties with someone who complains too much, indicating that persistent negativity can strain relationships. Additionally, 64% of Americans believe complaining harms their mental health, a concern likely prevalent in Mississippi given its high complaints score.

Politics was the most annoying topic, with nearly one in four Americans preferring never to hear complaints about it again. This sentiment is likely shared by many in Mississippi, contributing to the high rate of complaints.

The findings from Preply’s survey highlight the importance of understanding when and how to complain effectively. While it is natural to express frustration occasionally, knowing the appropriate time and place to air grievances is crucial. For Mississippians, mastering this balance could help mitigate the social and mental health impacts of frequent complaining.

As the most vocal complainers in the nation, Mississippi residents exemplify the widespread challenges of managing everyday annoyances. The insights from this survey offer a valuable perspective on the art of complaining and its impact on our lives, reminding us all of the power and consequences of our words.