Take the poll: Is Tate Reeves too ‘cocky’ to be governor? Columnist asks

Published 9:49 am Friday, July 26, 2019

A guest columnist published an opinion piece this week in The Clarion Ledger newspaper headlined: “Tate Reeves may be in trouble. Mississippi doesn’t like cocky.”

Author Ricky Mathews said what many, many Mississippians (even a high number of Republicans) seem to be thinking – there’s just something about Reeves that’s not likable.

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Matthews wrote that part of the quiet disdain for Reeves comes from how he handles himself, writing:

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“Reeves, who has acted like the heir apparent to the Governor seat for years, has raised about 6 times what his competitors have raised. Reeves also knows he has a higher name identification than Waller or Foster. Sounds a little cocky, doesn’t it?”

But it’s not just the massive campaign war chest and his outwardly visible assumption that he would be crowned the GOP’s obvious pick for governor that makes some wrinkle their noses at Reeves.

His boyish appearance may fool people into thinking he’s a naive politician, but sources who have worked with Reeves say don’t let his young innocent look fool you, he’s vindictive, they say.

“He holds a grudge,” Mathews wrote. “If you defy him, he makes you pay for it. It is his way or the highway.”

Reeves has two other GOP opponents gunning for him in the August 6 party primaries, former Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Bill Waller and Mississippi Rep. Robert Foster.

Mathews contends: “At the end of the day, Mississippians don’t like cocky.”

But only time will tell at the polls.

If you plan to vote in the Republican Party Primary who will get your vote?

If you plan to vote in the Mississippi Republican Party Primary, who will you vote for?

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