Stormy Daniels adds paranormal investigator to her resume, teams with Mississippi ghost hunters for new television show

Published 10:07 am Thursday, November 5, 2020

Former adult film star Stormy Daniels, who made headlines when she recently claimed she had an affair with Donald Trump before he was president, is now turning heads — both real and surreal — in a paranormal show called Spooky Babes.

For the show, which is currently in the pitch phase, Daniels works with Mississippi ghost hunters John Bullard and David Childers. Several episodes of the show have been filmed around the country.

Daniels’ fascination with paranormal activity began when she made a move to New Orleans. Her experience there is described on the Spooky Babes website.

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“Although she has had unexplainable experiences dating back to her childhood, it wasn’t until she moved into a very haunted house in New Orleans in early 2019 that things really took off,” the website states. “These personal experiences and the devastating effect it had on her and her loved ones, inspired her to embark on a new adventure to discover the truth. In early 2020, she had an intense experience at a location which resulted in the floodgates of supernatural being opened and unlocking skills that she didn’t even know she had. With each investigation and passing day, Stormy’s gifts of mediumship and healing become stronger and are constantly being validated by both recorded evidence and some of the most respected individuals in the paranormal field.”

Her experiences in New Orleans led Daniels to create Spooky Babes in early 2020 with her friend Justin Loupe.

“Stormy envisioned Spooky Babes, a project born of necessity and desire to know the truth behind her experiences,” the show’s website states.

For the show Daniels said she has put together a team of investigators, specialists and healers dedicated to pursuing paranormal activity across the globe.

“Our team investigates purported hauntings, removes and provides solutions for malevolent paranormal phenomenon, and provides healing and edification for our clientele,” her website states.

Several episodes of her show have been filmed around the country. It is now in the pitch phase. They recently stopped in Mississippi before traveling to Massachusetts to investigate the Lizzie Borden home in Massachusetts. The Spooky Babes team said they will be back in Mississippi soon to investigate the McNutt House in Vicksburg.